Training center of BUITELECOM ICTC JSC


The training center of BUITELECOM ICTC JSC has been training specialists in the sphere of construction and operation of communication lines for more than 10 years. Specialists of the Training Center have developed programs and methods of teaching which allow to satisfy requirements of our clients irrespective of the level of initial training and qualification. The center holds specialized courseson OFCLs in which communication line installers and engineers are trained to work with modern equipment as well as overview seminars allowing engineers and managers to obtain information about new technologies and trends in development of the communication industry.

More than one thousand specialists from different regions of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Russian have completed training in our Center for the period of its work. Our service saremuch in demand both by leading companies which construct and operate long-distance backbone communication lines and companies which are system integrators involved in construction of SCSs (structured cabling systems) and corporate networks. The clients of the Training Center include not only such Kazakhstani companies like Kazakhtelecom JSC, Transtelecom JSC, Kazakhstan TemirZholy JSC, but also such foreign representatives like Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC, Tengiz-Chevroil JV, Alcatel Lucent Kazakhstan LLP, etc.

Training features: Lectures are held by A.V.Gayevskiy, the Honored Communications Man of the Republic of Kazakhstan», who has such certificates as “АТ&Т”, “Corning” (the USA); “Fujikura”; “Ando” (Japan); “Plumett”(Switzerland), “Vetter”, “CompAir" (Germany); “TKS-Inform” (Russia). His training experience exceeds 30 years. As opposed to other similar OFCL courses the number of trainees is limited. The past experience has shown that material is best learnt in a group consisting of 6 to 8 trainees. I.e. it is almost individual training. The most important thing for us is the quality of training, effective perception and digestion of knowledge obtained during the course. Theme tho do fteachingdeveloped by the Chief of the Training Center is directed at consolidation of the oretical knowledge through practice. For this purpose the Training Center uses modern equipment of such companies like “Corning” (the USA), “Fujikura” (Japan), “Wavetek” (France, Germany), “EXFO” (Canada). Ifnecessary, atraineeis rendered assistance during 6 months after completion of training in the form of consultations. The Company which arranges training for 6 and more specialists is provided with a possibility to independently choose topics for training. The training program “Construction and operation of optical fiber communication lines” is amended practically on an annual basis.


Advanced training program for the course:

“Constructionand operation of optical fiber communication lines”

Day 1
Optical fiber lightguide, principle of work, structure and parameters 4 h
Instruments applied during work with optical fiber cables (OFC) 1 h
Safety rules when working with a OFC 1 h
Practical lessons in OFC termination. Work with instruments 3 h
Day 2
The technology of optical fiber light guide manufacture. Method of chemical precipitation from the gaseous phase. Double-crucible method. 1 h
Specifications of optical fiber lightguides (attenuation, dispersion, pass band) “Transparency windows” 3 h
Structure and technology of UCAO-4-9 optical cross panel installation 1 h
Practical training in installation of UCAO-4-9 cross panels 4 h
Day 3
Optical fiber welding. LID and PAS-systems of welding machines 2 h
RXS А–60 welding machine 1 h
Fujikura FSM-50S, FSM-60S welding machines 1 h
Practical training in OF welding 4 h
Day 4
Measuring of an OFCL during construction 1 h
Preparation of technical documentation during construction of an OFCL 2 h
Norms and requirements during construction of a OFCL 1 h
Measuring of an OFCL during operation 1 h
Practical training in OF welding 4 h
Day 5
OFCL measuring devices. EXFO optical tester. 1 h
Measurement techniques. Cutback technique 1 h
Optical reflectometer 2 h
OTDR reflectogram 1 h
Practical training in OFC measurements 4 h
Day 6
MTS 5200 reflectometer 1 h
Selection and installation of necessary measurement parameters 1 h
Calculation of real losses in a welded connection 1 h
EXFO (FTB-200, FTB-500) reflectometers 1 h
Practical training in OFC measurements 4 h
Day 7
Classification of OFCs. Typesandmarks. Colormarkingof modules and fibers. 2 h
Passive OFCL components. Optical fiber connectors (ST; SC; FS;).Types of polishing and terminals 2 h
Practical training in OFC measurements 4 h
Day 8
Pigtails and patchcords. Insertion attenuation and back reflection ratio. 1 h
Distribution and cross-connect equipment (ODF) 1 h
Installation of complicated cross panels (branching, dividing), module details. Development of an installation scheme. 2 h
Practical training in installation of complicated cross panels. 4 h
Day 9
Methods of optical fiber cable laying 1 h
Laying and installation of an OFCin “SILICORE” HDPE pipes 3 h
Practical training in measuring different OF connections 4 h
Day 10
Test in practical skills 4 h
Test in theoretical knowledge 3 h
Final part with handing over of certificates 1 h

The Program was developed by A.V.Gayevskiy, Chief of the Training Center

The complete course comprises 84 academic hours. The course is held as soon as the necessary number of trainees is applied and the time of the course is agreed with all trainees. To be enrolled you need to send an application form by e-mail( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by fax (+7(727) 238-17-27). An application form must be submitted in any format (preferably on a letterhead) with indication of the course name and the number of trainees.

The cost of the 10-day coursee quals to 224,000 (two hundred and twenty-four thousand) tenge incl. 12 % VAT per one trainee.

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After completion of the course those who successfully pass exams will be given certificates in the established form.

Training process