"Spira Berga" LLP

BUITELECOM ICTC JSC is a founder of the Spira Berga polyethylene pipe plant established in Almaty in 2001. The plant was created within the framework of the national import substitution program which is being implemented in Kazakhstan. Nowadays, special polyethylene pipes for optical fiber cables with internal longitudinal corrugation and lubrication and 40/32 diameter are produced and successfully sold to consumers. The produced pipes conform with the global standard ISO 9001. The equipment for manufacture of polyethylene pipes was supplied by the Austrian company CINCINATTI EXTRUSION which is one of the world’s leading companies in the sphere of extrusion line production. As of today such polyethylene pipes have no equals in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A very important advantage is a relatively low cost of polyethylene pipe production as in case of delivery similar pipes from countries of the near and far abroad a big part of costs falls on transportation, customs clearance and insurance.

More detailed information about "Spira Berga" LLP is available on the web-site of the plant.