Бергарипов Халибек Зейнуллинович
Our clients

BUITELECOM ICTC JSC is a successor of the Republican specialized construction-and-assembly trust “Kazsvyazstroy” which was established on the basis of the resolution of the Government of the Kazakh SSR in 1963 for the purpose of construction of communication facilities in the Republic and was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner three times.

Having kept and improving its structure, production and humancapacities the Company performs almost all types of design works at the level of global standards, turn-key construction of telecommunication facilities, construction of optical fiber communication backbones, successfully introduces new technologies in the sphere of trenchless laying of underground communication lines. BUITELECOM ICTC JSC consists of: the Design Center , 11 mobile column convoys , located in regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Astana, Taraz, Shymlent, Kyzylorda, Aktobe, Semey, Uralsk, Aktau, Atyrau, Taldykorgan, Ust-Kamenogorsk. The permanent staff includes around 1,000 people. 350 of them have university degrees.

Nowadays 8 column convoys including more than 300 units of equipment represented by heavy-duty bulldozers, industrial tractors, cable-laying vehicles, truck cranes, excavators, vehicles, etc., are operating in the telecommunication facilities. The Almaty, Shymkent and Aktobe column convoys are additionally equipped with special construction-and-assembly equipment consisting of a fleet of compressors with various capacities manufactured byCompAir (Germany), Superjet and Cablejet cable blowing machines (Switzerland), optic fiber welding machines, reflectometers, optical fiber talk sets, portable generators and other equipment manufactured in the USA, Germany, Japan and by many other big manufacturers. There is also a Vermeer horizontal-directional drill (the USA) which is unique in its technical specifications and meant for pipeline laying under natural barriers and engineering installations (rivers, watercourses, railway roads and highways, etc.).

A training center was opened under BUITELECOM ICTC JSC for the purpose of training and advanced training of specialists in the sphere of measuring, testing and welding works in optical fiber communication lines (OFCL). Specialists of branches and subdivisions of Kazakhtelecom JSC, TransTelecom JSC, the Sokolovsko-Sarbayskoye Mining Production Association (SSGPO), the Ulbinsk Metallurgical Plant, etcundergo training in the training center.

From the day of establishment the Company has been the General Contractor for construction of facilities of the Ministry of Communicationof the Republic. The following communication facilities have been constructed for this time in the Republic: telephone stations in towns and settlements, cable, radio-relay and overhead communication lines, wireless radio access systems, etc.

The main clients of the Company for today are: Kazakhtelecom JSC, regional telecommunication directorates, KZ TRANS, Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd, Alcatel Integration Services GmbH and other organizations. BUITELECOM ICTChas modern technical facilities for installation of optical fiber cables from world-known companies at its disposal.

BUITELECOM ICTC JSC is a founder of the «Spira Berga» polyethylene pipe plant established in Almaty in 2001. The plant was created within the framework of the national import substitution program which is being implemented in Kazakhstan. Nowadays, special polyethylene pipes for optical fiber cables with internal longitudinal corrugation and lubrication and 40/32 diameter are produced and successfully sold to consumers.The produced pipes conform with the global standard ISO 9001. The equipment for manufacture of polyethylene pipes was supplied by the Austrian company CINCINATTI EXTRUSION which is one of the world’s leading companies in the sphere of extrusion line production. As of today such polyethylene pipes have no equals in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A very important advantage is a relatively low cost of polyethylene pipe production as in case of delivery similar pipes from countries of the near and far abroad a big part of costs falls on transportation, customs clearance and insurance.